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A quick introduction to island of Crete

The beauty and mystery of the island has been recognized since the old times, when the ancient Greeks created the myth of Zeus' birth in Crete.
Over the years the alternant presence of different civilizations has created a magnificent mixture of various cultures. The Minoan palace of Knosson, the Romean capital of Gortys, the Byzantine era (Saint Titos church, Heraklion), the old town of Rethymno and Chania which were built under the Venetian rule, the Ottoman rule and later the fight of liberation (Monastery of Arkadi, Rethymno) are few of the elements scattered all over the island revealing you the pass of time.

The island's natural beaty is unique. The quite and lonely beaches of South Crete, the west coast of Chania county, the mountains of Psiloritis, the lonely and friendly villages of southeastern Lasithi, the beatiful routes of Lasithi plateau, the Samaria gorge, the monastery of Koudoumas, the cedar forest of Chrissi island, the amazing view of Xerokampos are some of the places that some had the luck to explore. And of course the hospitality of people.

All of the above cannot be described in a few lines. We'll keep posting continuously articles. We hope that this guide will be useful and enjoyable to you.

With our kindest regards,
G.Valergakis and sons