General Terms

  • 1. Driver's age: At least 21 years old for group A to F and 25 years old for groups G and G1.
  • 2. Driver's licence: The driver must have a valid driving licence, issued at least 12 months before the rental date.
  • 3. Payment: The exact rental cost is paid upon the costumer’s arrival.
  • 4. Fuel: Paid by the customer. The customer is obliged to return the vehicle with the gas tank at the same level he got it.
  • 5. Minimum rental charge: One day (morning to evening).
  • 6. Traffic fines: All traffic fines that occurred during the rental period are paid by the customer.
  • 7. Rest it here - Leave it there system: The customer must provide all the essential information to the Sun Rise staff. An extra cost may be added depending on the distance.
  • 8. Shipping of vehicles: It's only allowed if SunRise authorizes in writing.
  • 9. Rental period: The customer is obliged to return the vehicle at the exact time that is written on the contract. Over 1h delay will be charged 5euro/hour, and for more than 5h delay an extra day will be charged.
  • 10. Other: The following damages will be charged directly to the customer: broken radios, ashtrays, baby seats / boosters, missing keys, fuel errors, broken car indicator, levers, torn seats and damages underneath the car. It's customer’s responsibility to use the vehicle in the most appropriate way.
  • 11. Different location Pick up/Drop off: There is an extra charge for picking up or dropping off the car to a different location outside of Heraklion. For Rethymno and Agios Nikolaos the cost is 15 € per itinerary and for Chania the cost is 20 € per itinerary (Car availability is not absolute. We must first contact you for confirmation of your booking. Cars may differ from the pictures in this website.)

Insurance Policy

  • 1. Full insurance (CWD).
  • 2. Personal insurance that cover medical expenses in case that customer is injured.
  • 3. Public liability insurance up to 1.000.000 euro for persons and damaged properties.
  • 4. Third party insurance that covers damages on other vehicles.
  • 5. Insurance against Fire, Theft, Broken glasses, Mirrors, Tyres.